Know what we teach

Private lessons are given on a weekly basis and last for 30, 45, 60 or 75 minutes.

We believe in a well-rounded approach that trains students in the artistic performance and theoretical understanding of music. Lessons are geared towards improving their proficiency and natural talent as we incorporate elements of music theory, history, and composition. This offers a well-rounded foundation that will serve our students in whatever musical path they choose to follow.

The course and event look up feature on our website is currently being updated! It doesn’t produce search results for the moment, but please contact us if you have any questions about specific levels, instruments, or upcoming events!


Our music curriculum is modeled after the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program. This curriculum provides a standard of musical achievement for the entire country, allowing students to track their progress through each level while striving for excellence.

We only allow students to advance to the next level if they have completed the music requirements set by the Royal Conservatory (in both performance AND music theory). Although the teaching style is tailored to fit each student’s needs, we make sure to cover all of the following key areas of music education:

  • Piano facility and technical skills
  • Music theory, vocabulary and terminology
  • Performance skills and chances to perform at concerts
  • Sight-reading skills
  • Historical literacy
  • Composition, ear training, and improvisation